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How are ewe?

By Staff | May 21, 2010

Kristy Mann and Graye Farnum showed Demoney first-graders a ouple of Farnum’s ewes Thursday. It was part of the ELC FFA’s Food For America tour. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

Estherville Lincoln Central FFA members showed Demoney Elementary first-graders a veritable farmyard Thursday.

The program, Food For America, toured elementary schools at Spirit Lake and Armstrong-Ringsted as well, showing elementary students that food productions starts far sooner than the supermarket shelf.

Graye Farnum, who showed two ewes to the students, told Demoney first-graders that people in India, the Middle East and Europe are far greater consumers of lamb than in the U.S.

“Why do they cuddle a lot?” asked one first-grader.

“Sheep like to get close to each other,” Farnum said.

Emma Abrahamson petted a calf that came to visit Demoney. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

FFA members encouraged the younger kids to learn more about farming and how it affects their daily lives.

Shelby Lappegard said you don’t have to live on a farm to belong to 4-H.