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Book It! at G/T

By Staff | May 22, 2010

The birth of two baby chicks overnight provided kindergarten teacher Cheryl Harris an opportunity to read to her class about how chickens develop inside the egg. From left, Cody Hoffman, Nataley Westergard, Emily Schultz, Jessie Clabaugh and Austin Ness get a close-up look at the newborn. EDN photos by David Swartz

GRAETTINGER – Graettinger/Terril Elementary students are celebrating a year of hard work, reading 138,285 minutes for the BookIt program, doing a great job on their reading tests in the areas of comprehension and accuracy and most importantly, celebrating reading success.

Friday grades K-2 in Graettinger spent the whole day with their noses in books.

This year teachers in grades K-2 using a program called Daily Five to teach reading strategies. Two sisters Gail Boushey and Joan Moser developed the program to foster independent reading skills in students and teach them life long literacy strategies.

Teachers like the program because it enables them to teach many different skill levels at once. Students like it because it allows them to be independent and choose a variety of activities, books to read and topics to write about.

If you were a mouse in the corner during reading day at Graettinger you would hear things like “Chunk that word!” “Flip the vowel sound,” or “Tell me who, what, and where.”

This program has taught kids to love and enjoy reading so much that it is hard to get the books out of their hands!