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Skate park could be ready Thursday

By Staff | Jun 8, 2010

Layne Sanders and Mason Bray of American Ramp Company of Joplin, Mo., lay down panels for the new South 15th Street skate park. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

As soon as Thursday, skateboarders will have a new home in Estherville.

That’s when the South 15th Street skate park is slated for completion, according to Mason Bray of Joplin, Mo.-based American Ramp Company. Bray and two workers, Layne Sanders and Cory Fisk, were putting the ramp together this week.

“This is a good thing for small towns,” said Bray. “It keeps kids out of trouble.” Bray said his crew had put up 57 ramps so far this year.

“We are the world’s largest skate park manufacturer in the world,” Bray said, noting the company has put up ramps in Australia, Spain, Ireland, England, China, Japan and the U.S. “We even built them under 10 feet of snow in Alaska.”

The ramps are definitely kid tested and mother approved, with a 20-year warranty. “If anything happens to it in 20 years we come out and fix it,” said Bray.

Building ramps for competitive use pretty much comes second nature to Sanders who is into BMX racing himself. This is his second trip out for the company. “It’s a blast,” Sanders aid.

Fisk, who has been skateboarding for eight years, quite literally isn’t going to build a skate ramp he wouldn’t use himself.

“I see them as a ramp that’s complete,” Fisk said. “It’s better for me to get on there and figure out how to fix it.”

As a skateboarder himself, Fisk can definitely say a project is ready to go.

“I just make sure everything’s tight and smooth,” Fish said. “I would rather I fell off than a kid.”