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Staying healthy right at home

By Staff | Jun 9, 2010

K.C. Kraft with Evelyn Kirchner Photo submitted

While K.C. Kraft, R.N., does a lot of traveling in her job, you could say she’s always going home.

Kraft is a home health-care nurse for Good Samaritan Society Home Care. As a home-health R.N., Kraft helps make sure people are comfortable by providing nursing services right in their own homes.

“Instead of having them go to the hospital, we bring the care to them,” said Kraft. “We’re kind of a bridge between the patient and the doctor.”

A key goal of home health care is to keep people in their own homes safely and comfortably.

“Our goal in home care is to keep people out of the doctor’s office and the emergency room,” said Kraft.

So how does home health-care work?

During a typical visit, a patient might describe certain symptoms, if there should be any. The nurse then conducts her assessment and contacts the physician if necessary. “You do the head-to-toe assessment,” Kraft said.

A home health-care nurse might also review a patient’s medications or find ways to make the patient more comfortable.

So who might be a candidate for home health care?

While seniors comprise most patients, home health care can really be of benefit to anyone.

Home health care is also a good option to help keep people in their homes longer before transitioning into long-term care.

Some of the in-home skilled nursing skills available include:

n Medical assessment.

n Wound care.

n Medication education.

n IV therapy.

n Pain management.

n Rehabilitation.

n Diabetic management.

For more information about home health-care options, or to schedule a free in-home assessment, contact Robin Lock, Good Samaritan Society – Home Care director, at 712-336-3412 or 1-800-832-5342.