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Most area corn and beans in

By Staff | Jun 10, 2010

You can thank the wind for this one, if you’d like.

That wind, assisted by just about the right amount of rain, has helped local bean and corn growers get most of their crop in by about a week ago, according to Larry Niles, Farm Service Agency director in Estherville.

While there were a couple replantings, Niles said most growers are well under way this spring.

“Most of them have a pretty good start,” Niles said. “Most of them are saying things are going as well as they have in a number of years.”

Niles said about 70 percent or producers have had their crops certified. He encourages those who haven’t to stop by as soon as possible. “The insurance agents are anxiously awaiting those certifications,” Niles said. He hopes everyone is certified by Monday.

With moisture content about normal, Niles said most producers are hoping for that extra little shot of rain at the end of July or early August – something that’s been wanting the last couple years.