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Estherville brand revealed

By Staff | Jun 17, 2010

Estherville's new logo

ESTHERVILLE A new era in Estherville was unveiled Wednesday that will spotlight a new brand and marketing effort for the city. Representatives of Excel! Estherville presented Estherville’s new brand platform, logo, tagline, and the research behind the new initiative to a group of business persons and residents.

“Estherville, the Elements of a Good Life” is the city’s new tag line. The tag line is paired with a logo that features a community icon in the center with four icons representing the natural elements of earth, water, wind and fire surrounding it to form a square.

North Star Destination Strategies of Nashville, Tenn., was retained by Excel! Estherville to provide technical and creative assistance to the project. North Star has assisted communities of all sizes across the United States, including Forest City in Iowa.

“A community brand is what people say about you as a community, when you’re not around to hear”, said Lyle Hevern, president of Excel Estherville’s leadership committee. “This 14-month process, led by North Star Destination Strategies, assessed the environment; demographics and psychographics of residents; perceptions of visitors, residents and stakeholders; current communications and the competition.”

After reviewing and interpreting the research, the North Star team concluded that one thing stood out. The four natural elements that are universally accepted as sustaining life- earth, water, wind and fire are found in abundant amounts in Estherville. They concluded:

Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dusty Embree helped introduce the new branding campaign for Estherville at the brand unveiling Wednesday. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

n Earth – Estherville has a solid foundation as a community tied to the earth through its agricultural heritage and today’s farm production. Residents are also grounded and hardworking, with a work ethic that continues to drive the town’s economy.

n Water – The community has a resilience and momentum to it, much like the winding west fork of the Des Moines River that runs through the town. Such momentum has led to the positive changes the community has enjoyed in recent years. The many lakes near here add to the quality of life.

n Wind – It always blows here. The city’s own Iowa Lakes Community College and its nationally recognized wind technology program, along with two locally developed wind farms, continue to propel the city’s reputation and foster its growth. All the research pointed to the wind industry as a potential growth industry for Estherville.

n Fire – In addition to our fiery meteorite landing, North Star uncovered throughout their research a fiery passion to do great things in Estherville.

In their report, North Star Destination Strategies said what truly sets the city of Estherville apart is its community spirit. The spirit that renovates our hospital, builds the RWC and new schools and makes community events feel more like family reunions. They concluded that Estherville is the essential fifth element.

North Star took all the research and strategic insights for the new brand and developed a single sentence, the new brand platform, for Estherville. It says:

“For those seeking the relaxed climate of a small town, Estherville is a town on the northwestern prairie just minutes from beautiful lakes, where community is the essential fifth natural element so your impact can be great, but life is sublimely simple.”

This statement serves as a guide for the positioning of the Estherville brand. “Strategic implementation is challenging but a critical aspect of our community branding effort,” said Dusty Embree, executive director of the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce. She said, “Community brands are not just about taglines and logos. They are about emotion and experience that enhances all aspects of our city.”

A two-year implementation plan has been developed to generate support and awareness of the new era in Estherville, where you find “The Elements of a Good Life“. Those wanting more information can contact Embree at the chamber of commerce office. A new website will soon be ready. Its Web address will be www.esthervilleessentials.org.