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ELC does year-end business

By Staff | Jul 1, 2010

The Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District Board of Education in a noon Wednesday session mopped up year-end business.

The board approved bills and Kate Woods, business manager, said the district had another 60 days to close its books. Woods also noted that the district had not received Title I funds which were released June 22.

The board approved hiring Trent Prather as alternative high-school aide and Shalene Naig as high-school special ed instructor.

Superintendent Dick Magnuson brief the board on district cleaning, repair and remodeling projects. Magnuson said work on the ICN room was 98 percent completed and alternative school remodeling was in progress. Also in progress is the Demoney Elementary Elementary playground. Magnuson said the Parent Action Team is putting in $40,000 toward the project. Magnuson said the architect had delivered all close-out documents for the middle-school project.

Board member Mike Karels noted the Booster Club would provide labor for painting the football stadium if the district would supply paint. Magnuson said the paint could be provided.