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Surviving at the RWC

By Staff | Jul 2, 2010

Hunter Byrd tries a different method of breaking the balloon to retrieve a disk, with a little help from Brock Komeplien. EDN photo by David Swartz

Approximately 50 youth learned how to “survive” at the Regional Wellness Center’s 4-Star Camp that wrapped up earlier this week.

Funded by a DECAT grant, children in grades 4-8 took part in a variety of activities and was free to all participants.

The camp went from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

Youth were divided into four groups and faced several challenges similar to how the television show “Survivor” operates.

The groups named themselves and were called “Wolfpack,” “Roman Candles,” “Falcons” and “Yababia”

Xiatlali Montes De oca squeezes a bllon over the head of Francisco Saevedra during a physical “Survivor” challenge Wednesday. EDN photo by David Swartz

“We focus on working together, cheering each other on-sportsmanship,” said Penny Swanson.

Challenges tested the participants’ physical and mental abilities.

Some days included science experience and math games.

The group also had its own “Olympic Day” which included a variety of contest and winners were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

“Some times, they’re so caught up in it, they’re exercising, but not realizing it,” said Swanson.

Other activities have included skating, bowling and a trip to the Fairmont Water Park.

On the final day, Wednesday, the group faced some final tribal challenges.

The first were mental challenges called diltoids.

For example 52 C I A D, stands for 52 cards in a deck.

The final physical challenge was a pool race in which the team members stood in a line in the shallow end of the pool and passed balloons from another.

The next to last person took the balloon and popped it over the last person’s head. A disk was retrieved and passed back to the front of the line. Fastest time wins.