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Lincoln equipment given final approval

By Staff | Jul 7, 2010

The Estherville City Council gave final approval for playground equipment at Lincoln Park.

The Estherville Parks and Recreation Board and Estherville Finance Committee had given initial recommendation and approval to award the project to Play & Park Structures.

Council only approved the bid for Phase I of the project which totals to $72,009.01. Excel! Estherville will fund most of the project.

Phase II which Play and Park Structures bid at $24,962.62 may be completed at a later time.

Superior Wastewater Treatment Memorandum of Understanding

Council extended the existing memorandum of understanding with the city of Superior for another year.

The current memorandum says the city of Superior is working on combining its assortment of on-site septic systems and plans to connect with Estherville’s wastewater system to provide treatment.

Superior will be responsible for all construction costs related to the project and maintain all pipe and structures up to the connection point in Estherville.

The city of Estherville is receptive to receiving the wastewater and will continue to move ahead in good faith with the appropriate agreements and documents.

The extension of the memorandum gives city officials time to work out a formal agreement as the project moves forward.

North 13th Street Sidewalk Project

No one attended the portion of the council meeting set aside to discuss the installation of sidewalk on the west side of North 13th Street between Fifth Avenue and 14th Avenue.

WWTP Backwash Lagoon Repair

Council accepted the low bid of $9,475 from Tug Helmers Construction to repair the backwash lagoon at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

City administrator Penny Clayton said the repairs will prevent waste from going where it shouldn’t.

Minimum Housing Code Violation

Council authorized the abatement of a solid waste violation and gave the city attorney direction to proceed with the steps necessary to eliminate the minimum housing code violation at 708 Fifth Avenue South.

A stove sits on the property in full view and the house is without sufficient doors and windows on the porch.

Council approved a variance request for Imperial Lanes regarding the existing exterior wall material.

Imperial Lanes owners are in the process of taking care of a leaky roof and changed the pitch of the roof in the process. The changes conflict with code regarding commercial building standards.