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County ditch spraying bid OK’d

By Staff | Jul 14, 2010

With a couple cancellations to the agenda, the Emmet County Board of Supervisors didn’t have as much business to conduct at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Don Reffer of B&W Control discussed brush control of drainage ditches.

Reffer noted that after “clear-cutting the ditches,” area landowners may notice new growth the following year.

Reffer said that’s because seedlings that don’t have a big tree to compete with for nutrients and water, suddenly start to grow.

Reffer recommends two years of growth after clear-cut before spraying to allow the product to be carried to the root zone.

The board approved the quote of $43,000 for drainage ditch spraying including Drainage District 40.

Assistant auditor Barb Bohm presented information on cell phone plans. She handed a sheet that showed the cell phone costs for June was $641.48.

She also presented two other cell phone plans, one from Verizon and one from Long Lines, which were both less expensive.

No decision was made Tuesday as the supervisors sought more information.

In other business, Emmet County Engineer Roger Patocka reported on the arbitration awards for wages with the engineers’ union.

The arbitrator agreed with the county position of increasing deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums on health insurance, but agreed with the union position of a 1 percent across-the-board wage increase effective July 1.

Patocka presented information on 11 areas in the county, where right-of-way could be either returned to landowners or downgraded to a Level ‘C’ Road.

The board directed Patocka to begin taking care of a couple of the simpler projects.

Following a public hearing with no objections, the board approved the selling of property within the city of Estherville to Natasha Kilgore, Sandra Welch and Gene Haukoos. The small parcel of land-8.25 feet by 139 feet-used to be an east-and-west alley between First Avenue North and Second Avenue North, north of the theater. The landowners are to pay $10 each and the recording fees.