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Well done good and faithful servant

By Staff | Jul 24, 2010

Cyber was a dedicated officer and wore his police badge with pride. The photo shows how he did his job during a raid. The wide assortment of drug paraphernalia and bags of illegal substances were seized with his help. Photo submitted

After an industrious nine-year career with the Estherville Police Department followed by a quiet retirement of two years, Cyber, the 14-year-old K-9 officer, died on July 16 due to health reasons.

Faithful and true blue as they come, he didn’t ask for much as he did his job serving and protecting the citizens of Estherville.

The yellow Labrador retriever served two chiefs of police Paul Farber and Eric Milburn. While he spent the majority of his off-duty hours in the family home of Estherville Police Officer Matt Reineke, Cyber spent on-the-job time with Reineke, his handler.

“Cyber will be missed by the entire Estherville Police Department force but especially as a loyal member of my family. I am very proud to have worked with such a well mannered dog that loved to perform his duties as asked. Thank you citizens of Estherville for purchasing such a great dog and allowing me to be his handler,” he said.

Reineke noted there were two other officers who handled Cyber. “First was Kyle Quist, a reserve officer followed by Police Officer Tom Seiser. When the opportunity came, I jumped on it when Seiser retired.”

Cyber arrived in Estherville on Feb. 2, 1999, and was sworn in as an officer on March 4, 1999. Reineke joined the force the latter part of that same year and acquired Cyber in 2000.

Reineke attended dog handler’s school at Brodie’s K-9 in Red Oak.

By today’s standards, Cyber was worth his weight in gold to the police department. He was purchased for $2,500. Since his joining the department, the canine officer was instrumental in helping to confiscate several thousands of dollars involved with illegal drug activity in the city. He was involved with one vehicle forfeitures and cash forfeitures, all related to illegal use of narcotics.

“Over the course of his police career in Estherville, Cyber was directly involved with the seizure of over 70 pounds of illegal substances,” his handler stated.

While he was secured for the sole purpose of sniffing out illegal drugs, Cyber was a big help in other areas as well.

“One time he was responsible for finding a lost little girl here in Estherville,” Reineke said.

Using adjectives to describe this policeman’s best friend, he said Cyber was obedient, well-liked, sociable, an all-around wonderful dog.

“But when he was on duty, he was all business as his primary goal was to take drugs off the streets.”

As a tribute, all members of the department are honoring and remembering Cyber and his years of service with the wearing of black bands.

Reineke said quite a few residents have inquired about making donations in memory of Cyber. All donations will be placed in the K-9 Fund for Cyber’s successor Max. Contributions can be mailed to the Police Department, 114 N. 6th St., Estherville, IA 51334.

“The K-9 legacy at our police department lives on with Max. He started his career and is heading in the same direction as Cyber,” Reineke said.