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Dennis Lausen Memorial Tractor Pull

By Staff | Jul 30, 2010

This Oliver Super 77 ends its run during action at last Friday’s tractor pull during the 2010 Emmet County Fair. EDN photo by Matt Heinrichs

Having lost my own father a couple of years ago I understand, as I am sure many of you do, just how much Dennis’ family must miss him. You’re so used to them being there, then one day you turn around and they are gone.

There are times though when you strongly feel their presence, this was certainly the case at Friday night’s tractor pull.

We all knew early on the 5500 and 6500 stock class was were the hot action would be. Let me explain: in all the other classes we were running for money, in the 5500 and 6500 pound classes we were running for trophies.

Dennis had no better friend than Jerry Hansen and it is no secret in pulling circles Jerry would walk right past a pretty girl and a hundred dollar bill for the chance to pull for a trophy. Jerry was not Dennis’ only friend though and seems they all wanted one of those nice shiny trophies with Dennis’ picture on them.

A BIG upset in 5500 stock was when Leah Martens, Donnie Martens granddaughter, took the honors with her old Super M. Now there is only one trophy left.

The pressure was palpable when 6500 stock rolled out. One by one Dennis’ old buddies came out and pulled the string. With one pull left it looked like Jerry had his trophy as his son Jeff, visiting from Texas, held the top spot. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Steve Lauritsen hooked up his Oliver 88 Diesel and and whipped them all.

I was flagging the match. Jerry, who by this time had retired to his cheering section behind me, came up to the fence looking rather stunned and muttering something about having shared one too many pulling secrets with Steve.

In your heart you knew Dennis would have liked to see Jerry get that trophy. Just like in your heart you knew he was grinning when Jerry lost it. You also knew it was not the loss of the trophy but the loss of his good friend that weighed the heaviest on Jerry’s heart that evening.

I finished flagging the event with both the Lausen and Hansen cheering sections laughing and joking around in the stands directly behind me. Nice families, I couldn’t help but feel in the end both Dennis and Jerry won pretty big.

It certainly was a special event, and a special night. We pullers thank you all for coming out.