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Ringsted Welding & Fabrication invents Stalk Smasher

By Staff | Oct 2, 2010

Eric and Brad Eisenbacher, Toby Morris and Howard Taylor with the Stock Smasher mounted on a tractor. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

When Brad and Eric Eisenbacher and Toby Morris of Ringsted Welding & Fabrication Inc. kept hearing complaints from farmers about how hard corn stalks were on tires, they decided to do something about it.

“The area farmers brought the problem to us,” said Brad. “We didn’t believe the problem existed at first.”

It seemed that corn stalks, particularly those from the newer BT hybrids, were virtually cutting tractor tires to shreds. After the combine went through and the farmer followed through later for fall or spring tillage, their tires really took a beating. It seemed like a tire would get three years worth of wear in one crop season.

And with a lot of tractor tires running $1,000 and a track $16,000, something just had to be done.

The Eisenbachers and Morris already had plenty of experience with an average of 20 years experience each at Art’s-Way Manufacturing in Armstrong which gave them knowledge in assembly, welding and painting. So they enlisted the help of Howard Taylor, formerly Art’s-Way head of engineering.

“I wanted to see for myself,” said Taylor. “It didn’t take long though. This looked like a good possibility.”

After going to the drawing board at least six times, the Stalk Smasher was born.

The Stalk Smasher is basically a gravity-pressured roller that does exactly what the name implies it smashes stalks flat so they don’t shred up tractor tires. A hydraulic cylinder lowers and raises the bar connected to the roller.

So far, they’ve sold a dozen of the units to area farmers.

“We tried our best to break it and couldn’t do it,” said Morris.

At Taylor’s suggestion, right now they’re setting up a local dealer network. Brad said that eventually they’d like to set up a Web site for marketing.

“Typically the first question for the farmer is who has one,” said Brad.

Ringsted Welding & Fabrication makes Stalk Smashers for tracked vehicles, front-wheel-drives and four-wheel assisted drive. Morris said they can fit up to 20 different model tractors.

For more information, call Ringsted Welding & Fabrication Inc. at (712) 866-1693.