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Anderson pleads to preserve Senior Trust

By Staff | Mar 9, 2011

A former Emmet County supervisor Saturday asked area legislators to do what they could to preserve the Iowa Senior Living Trust.

Roger Anderson asked Sen. Jack Kibbie and Rep. John Wittneben to save the $390,000 grant which is in jeopardy.

“The thought is it’s going to go,” said Kibbie.

Anderson said the trust helps 16 agencies on aging around the state and those are considering consolidating to five.

Kibbie acknowledged the importance of healthcare and mental-health issues to rural issues.

“Mental health, there’s a lot of talk about revamping the whole system,” Wittneben said.

In another matter, Dusty Embree, Estherville Area chamber of Commerce director, asked about Iowa Workforce Development offices.

Kibbie said Gov. Terry Branstad had recommended closing 39 of the 55 offices and that all the offices in his Senate district were slated for closure. “It’s not an issue that the public is very informed about,” Kibbie said.

Regarding community college funding, Kibbie said another $290,000 will be coming to Iowa Lakes Community College this fiscal year, adding that he hoped community college funding is addressed this session.

Wittneben offered some good news, saying state revenue is ahead of estimates, with 6 percent additional money – exceeding estimates of another 3.9 percent. “The Midwest is actually leading the nation out of the recession,” Wittneben said.

Kibbie said at the end of March legislators will have a redistricting map which will show four congressional districts rather than the current five. He said Emmet, Palo Alto and Pocahontas counties will probably shift to the western district.