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A-R Education Association and district exchange proposals

By Staff | Mar 18, 2011

The Armstrong-Ringsted Education Association and the A-R School District exchanged initial proposals in special session Tuesday afternoon in Armstrong.

The education association is proposing a $290 increase in the base salary, from $25,760 to $26,050.

According to the district proposal, “each employee will move one vertical step per year of experience. The provision providing for one vertical step per year of experience will not apply for the 2011-12 contract. (No step movement). One horizontal advancement occurs when requirements have been met for that lane. Effective Aug. 1, 2010, the base salary (plus $4,767) will be the amount on which all other positions on the salary schedule are determined. Salaries on the supplemental pay schedule will be determined using the supplemental base (see Schedule B). Beginning teachers will be placed on Step 1 of the salary schedule.”

The A-REA proposal calls for the district paying $530 a month, up from $464 for a $66 increase. That’s an estimate until the insurance company’s tentative notice is confirmed.

The association asks that employees be allowed to carry over two days of unused personal leave the following year not to exceed a maximum of four days. That’s a change from carrying over one day a year and accumulating a total of three days.

Also under the association proposal, teachers who work in both buildings (Armstrong and Ringsted) will be given preparation time in both buildings split roughly according to how their time is split.

Following are some of the other key points of the association’s proposal:

n Employees would be notified when vacancies occur via school E-mail.

n Schedule B would change the base from $25,985 to $26,335 for an increase of $350.

n Following are the provisions for coaches pay: increase all junior high coaches by 1 percent (head junior-high football – 5.5 percent ($1,447), assistant junior-high football – 4.75 percent ($1,250), head junior-high volleyball – 5.5 percent ($1,447), assistant junior-high volleyball – 4.75 percent ($1,250), head junior-high basketball – 6 percent ($1,579), assistant junior-high basketball – 4.75 percent ($1,250), head junior-high track – 5.5 percent ($1,447), increase head high-school golf by 3.25 percent (from 4.25 percent to 7.5 percent, $99 to $111), add a new position – weight room supervisor 4.5 percent – $1,184.

Following are added provisions of the district proposal:

n The employee will notify the superintendent and the association by Feb. 1 of anticipated lane changes for the next school year. Courses to qualify for lane changes must be graduate hours.

n Transcripts shall be provided to the superintendent by Sept. 1 of the new contract year.

n All TSS Authority is fully incorporated into Schedule A.

n The employer will pay $464 per month toward the cost of medical insurance coverage for group hospitalization and major medical insurance provided through the district for employees, pro-rated for contract time. The balance of costs will be deducted monthly from employee salary payments.

n If the employee’s cost for coverage utilized is less than the allowance, the difference will be added to the contract salary and can either be deferred by the employee toward a TSA or taken in cash. When spouses are both employed by the district, each shall receive their respective allowances.

n Major medical insurance is not automatic. Employees who wish coverage must take application for it.

n The unused sick leave days shall be accumulated to a total of 120 days. Employees shall be reimbursed in June, $10 per day for any unused sick leave days over the 120 consecutive days.

n If upon discontinuing employment with the district, an employee has accumulated 75 days or more of sick leave, the employee will be awarded $20 for each unused day of sick leave accumulated.

n Two days of personal leave are granted to professional staff each year and are non-cumulative. Employees may carry over one day of unused personal leave to the following year but not to exceed a maximum of three days for that year. All requests for personal leave must be filed with the superintendent or designee at least three days in advance of the date requested except in extenuating circumstances. All teachers may request one work day of personal leave. Employees shall be reimbursed in June $70 per day for any unused personal leave days. On or before the last contractual day of the school year the employee will notify the superintendent or designee in writing that they wish to be paid for unused personal leave not carried over to the next year. If substitute teachers are unavailable, the use of personal leave will be restricted to three teachers per day per school building. Personal leave requests will not be granted for one day prior to or after a holiday or vacation period including summer vacation; during the first and last five days of school; on semester test days or on parent-teacher conference days.

n Employees of the district may be granted emergency leave by the superintendent for reasons of fire, a natural disaster, a critical illness among members of the Employee’s family with certain exceptions.

n The work days will be eight hours.

n The administration, with employer approval, shall have the right to determine when and where it is necessary to have a reduction of staff. Order of termination would begin with attrition, followed by those with temporary or emergency certification. Those with the least number of years of service would be subject to reduction.