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Tri-District boards OK athletic sharing agreement

By Staff | Mar 18, 2011

Jeff Herzberg, AEA 8 chief administrator, moderated the Tri-District meeting at Fenton Wednesday night as a number of student athletes listened. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

FENTON – The Tri-District boards, consisting of North Kossuth, Sentral and Armstrong-Ringsted, inked a one-year agreement to share spring and summer sports, volleyball, basketball and basketball cheerleading for 2011-12.

Attorney Rick Engel, meeting with the boards online via Skype, outlined the agreement and answered questions. Jeff Herzberg, AEA I chief administrator, monitored the meeting.

North Kossuth and Sentral canceled their current agreement and the three boards approved the new agreement which starts this spring and runs through 2011-12.

Engel, who brokered the sharing agreement between Sentral and North Kossuth which started with the 2007-08 school year, said athletic program costs for the 2011-12 year would be based on October 2010 enrollment figures. That would have A-R picking up 39 percent of the cost, North Kossuth 41 percent and Sentral 20 percent.

A-R Board President Rod Foster asked about differing academic requirements, saying A-R’s were stricter. He asked that every student follow a given district’s academic eligibility requirements and good conduct policies.

Engel said he could see keeping academic separate. However, he offered a scenario in which two students from the same activity at different schools at the same party could pose a problem.

North Kossuth Superintendent Mike Landstrum said he wouldn’t have a problem with keeping academic eligibility requirements separate but making good conduct the same.

Sentral and North Kossuth cancelled their current agreement for spring and summer sports and the three boards approved a new three-way agreement.

The boards agreed to have athletic directors make uniform decisions.

The boards also agreed to have A-R host spring sports and North Sentral Kossuth summer with coaches determining event locations.

The discussion then moved on to volleyball, basketball and cheerleading for 2011-12.

“From our standpoint of NSK we want to share everything. We’re in this to make it work,” said North Kossuth Superintendent Mike Landstrum.

“We as a board are willing to move forward on the basketball and volleyball,” said Rod Foster, A-R board president.

Jeanne Kinney, North Kossuth board president, moved the boards share volleyball, basketball and basketball cheerleading for next year and the boards agreed.

Sentral Superintendent Art Pixler said Jerry Mccall of Educational Consulting Services, the firm conducting the consolidation study for the three districts, had asked to meet with focus groups from each district. Pixler said Mccall will meet with the three superintendents this Friday and that Mccall would have his recommendations completed by May 1.