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Westward Ho Norwegians! in Ringsted

By Staff | Mar 19, 2011

The cast of Westward Ho Norwegians!, an original musical production scripted by Anita Larsen of Ringsted will be performed Sunday, April 3 at the Ringsted American Legion and Community Center. Photo by Robin Hansen

If truth be known, Anita Larsen of Ringsted if probably the Midwest’s best kept secret as a comedy and script writer.

Larsen’s playwrighting skills take to the stage again in the original production Westward Ho Norwegians 3 p.m. Sunday, April 3 at the Ringsted American Legion and Community Center.

According to Larsen, a variety of people from the Ringsted, Armstrong, West Bend and Long Rock areas are among the cast of 24 in the performance. Headlining the production are Larsen, Billy Hansen, Tom Lindell and Athlyn Black. A special cameo guest performance by Anita Fisher, Emmet County naturalist, as a DNR officer, will undoubtedly lend a feeling of credibility to the production.

In the musical, Ole, Lena, Helga and Sven (Hansen, Larsen, Black and Lindell) decide to go west and end up on Deadwood, S.D. They actually have pretty strong motivation for the trip, between Sven’s citation for fishing over the limit and the troublesome mosquitoes that Lena and Helga encounter. Once they reach Deadwood, Ole and Sven are mistaken for bank robbers and that’s when the hilarity really gets begins.

Lena and Helga, who mistakenly think they’re in Hollywood and not Deadwood, audition for what they think is an acting debut and are immediately hired as dance hall girls.

Tickets are $12 and are available at Emmet County State Bank in Ringsted or by calling (712) 866-1711 or (712) 866-1901. Proceeds go toward replacement of the American Legion roof and inside renovations.

Supplemental funds are provided by Emmet County Thrivent Chapter No. 31139. A desert bar will be served.