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Brothers share battle against cancer

By Staff | Mar 26, 2011

Mathew and Michael Radig both had cancer within a couple years of each other. A benefit will be held to help defray Mathew’s medical expenses 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 10 at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

The Radig boy has cancer.

Oh, Michael.

Not Michael, Mathew.

Mathew? Really?

This is a conversation that many people could have about both Michael Radig, 19, who discovered he had cancer February 2009 and his brother, Mathew, 21, who learned last November that he had cancer as well.

Mathew and Michael are the sons of Ron and Kim (Hunter) Radig and the grandson of Rosina and the late Kenneth Hunter and Roger and Judy Radig.

Michael first noticed something was wrong when his leg started hurting. A mass was found behind his bladder and attached to his spine.

He went to Avera Holy Family Health where the mass, non-metastatic Ewing’s Sarcoma, was found. It was inoperable since it was so close to his spine, so he was sent to Mayo Clinic for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Michael’s prognosis is good. He used to go for monthly checkups and now he’ll be going every four months.

Mathew noticed pain in his lower back a year ago February. He went to Avera Holy Family last November and testicular cancer was discovered, as well as cancer in a lymph node in his lungs. Mathew underwent surgery last Dec. 17 and began chemotherapy this January, finishing the last treatment Friday. He’s scheduled for another CT scan April 19.

“They said they can pretty well treat this even though it spread,” Kim said.

The Radigs had to come up with $5,000 before Mayo would even see Mathew. Fortunately, they got help for his surgery and Ron’s insurance is helping with some of the rest. Kim said Woodys Charities also helped with bills before Christmas.

Interestingly, Michael’s first good test results came last April 12. Mathew expects to get his next test results April 19 – nearly a year to the day.

“We can relate to it,” Michael said of their both experiencing cancer.

And Kim said it helped Mathew a lot, knowing what Michael went through with his cancer.