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ELC to launch new website Friday

By Staff | Mar 29, 2011

Estherville Lincoln Central Technology Director Kevin Richardson provided this picture of what the new ELC website will look like. Photo submitted

In the world of computer technology, 15 years is a long time.

Visitors to the Estherville Lincoln Central website this Friday should be pleasantly surprised to find the site has come into the future.

ELC technology director Kevin Richardson said he and Judy Grethen developed the current site approximately 15 years ago.

“It look outdated,” he said.

Richardson said the biggest problem in updating the site is that the school district needs software that allows several people to work on different pages “without messing someone else up.”

Richardson gave an example of guying software for all the computers for a new site, could cost the school $25,000.

Instead, the school district found a different way.

“Global Reach is designing the webpage and will host the server,” he said.

At a cost of $2,000, teachers will now have website access from both home and school.

“They have a solution so the athletic department can take care of its pages and so on,” said Richardson.

Over the years, Richardson said some online visitors have had trouble accessing portions of ELC’s website-often from Macs or those with different web browsers.

“I’m pretty sure when we switch over, those things will go away,” he said.

The top priority in designing the webpage is to make it user-friendly.

“We’ll put the things the parents use the most right up front,” Richardson said.

While the website is scheduled to be in operation Friday, Richardson said some parts of it will not.

“We’ll be working to add those things as quickly as possible,” he said.

He encouraged online visitors to be patient and the remainder of the site will be accessible within the next couple weeks.