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Kinship of Emmet County gets web presence

By Staff | Mar 31, 2011

The Emmet County Kinship website

Through the sponsorship of Bank Plus, Kinship of Emmet County has partnered with the website design branch of Morphew Studios to create the organization’s presence online.

Sarah Morphew of Morphew Studios has designed the new website, which includes a new way to honor and recognize those who make financial donations. A list of current donors, both individuals and businesses, can be found on the site. Upon receipt of new donations, new donors’ names will be added to the list. To access the website, visit www.kinshipofemmetcounty.org.

Kinship of Emmet County has taken on a heroic mission: “to improve lives by establishing quality relationships between individuals and caring volunteers for the purpose of promoting stability, support, friendship, and community.” The organization seeks to improve the lives of youngsters in our community, thereby improving the community itself.

Kinship is a non- profit Mentoring Program with roots in Minnesota. It all began in 1954 when a group of seminary students were assigned to examine the needs within the inner cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The data they collected revealed a direct correlation between teenage boys who got into trouble with the law, and having fatherless, single parent homes. They decided to formulate a plan to provide supportive male relationships for these boys who were on probation or parole with the Hennepin and Ramsey County Juvenile Probation System. Progress was slow and many boys were either unresponsive or extremely guarded. However with time, patience and understanding, some of the boys began to interact and respond. This happened only after a series of consistent, weekly meetings.

Over time, the founders began to ask, “What IF we matched younger youth with caring adults, with an emphasis on prevention, hoping to avoid the need for correction?” The “What IF” became a reality, and the Kinship Mentoring Program, as it is today, was born.

In order to continue providing the services that are so crucial to young people, Kinship of Emmet County must rely on the financial support of individuals and businesses. Anyone can donate by sending a check or money order to Kinship of Emmet County, 115 North Sixth Street, Estherville, IA 51334.

All donations to Kinship of Emmet County are tax deductible. Add that to the fact that such donations make huge differences in the lives of children in need, and you will have two compelling reasons to support Kinship of Emmet County.