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Armstrong passes cemetery rules

By Staff | Apr 5, 2011

A full house turned out for Monday’s Armstrong City Council meeting – with most concerned about proposed rules at the city cemetery.

After addressing citizens’ concerns, the council approved the rules with one minor amendment.

Council member Don Leach opened the discussion, saying he and fellow council member Todd Eisenbacher had drafted the proposed rules a week ago – rules less restrictive than neighboring communities, according to Leach.

The council addressed a number of questions regarding government and organizational markers and other items left in the cemetery. Some of the biggest concerns appeared to be how long items could be left at grave sites and what happens to them when they’re removed.

Leach maintained that the city has to maintain the cemetery, and that’s why the council came up with the rules.

There were other concerns about plowing the cemetery road during Christmas. Connie Thackery, city clerk, said blizzards the past two Christmases prevented that. “It’s a full-time job to keep it plowed out there,” Thackery said.

Following are the rules as approved:

n No plants or flowers are to be placed directly onto the ground. They should be placed in a planter or pot. No glass jars or vases may be placed on the ground. Permanent vases and pots must be placed in the headstone row and installed in concrete.

n No plants and flowers (living or artificial) may be placed in the cemetery prior to May 15 or left later than Sept. 15.

n All urn stands, shepard hooks and flower pots to be placed as close as possible to headstone, preferably on the right side.

n Government and organizational markers to be placed as close to the headstone as possible on the right side.

n Christmas wreaths or flowers allowed from Dec. 1 to March 1.

n Flowers and plants not removed after Sept. 15 will be removed by the caretaker.

n No trees, shrugs, plants or flowers to be planted.

n A copy of cemetery rules to be given with the lot deed when a lot is sold.