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Mores have International Triplets

By Staff | Apr 7, 2011

Mark and Sara More have hosted Cyrill Hellwig as an exchange student over the past year. Cyrill — as well as an exchange student the Mores had previously and another they expect this fall — was born June 11, 1993. From left are Mark, Sara and Madison More, Cyrill Hellwig and Logan More. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

In August 2008, Mark and Sara More hosted Jun Sun Lee, an exchange student from Korea.

He was born June 11, 1993.

The Mores are currently hosting another exchange student, Cyrill Hellwig, from Germany.

He was born June 11, 1993.

This fall, the Mores will host another exchange student, Dragica ‘Daci’ Dimova, from Macedonia.

Jun Sun Lee, Cyrill Hellwig and Daci Dimova, all born June 11, 1993, are past, present and future excchange students hosted by Mark and Sara More.

Does anyone want to guess when Daci was born? If you guessed June 11, 1993, you’re absolutely correct.

Part by circumstance and part by design, the Mores and their children, Madison and Logan, have, are or will be opening their home to three exchange students, all with not just the same birthday but who were born on the same day.

Mark farms with his father-in-law and serves on the Estherville Fire Department and Estherville Ambulance Service. Sara is a nurse and works for AYUSA as a community rep. Anyone interested in hosting an exchange student can contact her at (712) 209-2254.

The only thing the Mores didn’t like about Jun Sun’s stay was his leaving. It was quite virtually like taking away a member of the family.

Cyrill’s leaving will likely be just as hard.

Cyrill, from Bad Hersfeld, Germany, first caught the Mores’ attention when Sara saw his application letter.

And then she saw when his birthday was – the same date as Jun Sun’s.

That sealed the deal.

“He was the one I picked anyway,” said Sara.

Cyrill has thoroughly enjoyed Estherville Lincoln Central where he wrestled and was a kicker on the football team. He was also voted homecoming king and is lifting weights this spring.

Other than polishing his English, Cyrill didn’t have a lot of culture shock transitioning to Estherville.

Cyrill’s home is very similar to Estherville, surrounded by hills and situated along the banks of the Fulda River. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed working with Mark on his father-in-law’s farm so much.

Cyrill actually graduated in 2009 in Germany where students attend school for 10 years – including summers. He then attended one year of a pre-college program, focusing in physical education, math and English. He’s contemplating a career in economics and hopes to work in the film, music or hospitality industry.

Academics were a fairly smooth transition for him as well.

So what did he think of school at ELC?

“I like the classes,” said Cyrill. “The system is definitely different than in Germany. I like this kind of freedom that you can do what you want to do.”

He also likes the friendly atmosphere of ELC and Estherville.

“About everyone knows everyone. It’s like a big family. Everyone tries to help everyone that they can.”

Cyrill’s command of English is improved immensely too. He speaks like a native.

The curriculum to which Cyrill is returning is certainly rigorous. Pre-college classes, the equivalent of grades 11-13, include writers such as Goethe and Schiller.

The Mores keep in touch with Jun Sun on Facebook and plan on doing the same with Cyrill who leaves June 18. Daci will arrive July 30. While they won’t meet, at least right away, Cyrill would like to come back for fall 2011 homecoming to hand over his crown – and maybe meet Daci then. “She seems just like a sister,” Cyrill said.

“What would be the odds to find one more kid with that same birthday?” Sara asked Mark when they were looking for another exchange student this fall.

Well, they did.