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The biggest loser is really the biggest winner

By Staff | Apr 7, 2011

The winners of the local Biggest Losers are, from left, are Brooks Walters, Trent Prather, Leslie Bosch, Donna Prather and Nancy Ford. EDN photo by Moriah Hawn

On Wednesday evening at the Regional Wellness Center, the top three teams told the story of how they came to be the biggest losers. The competition was based on the T.V show hit The Biggest Loser, and went for 12 weeks. It was team based and you could partner up with whomever you wanted. It was open to members of RWC as well as non-members. The advantage of being a member was that you could use all of the facilities, where as non-members had to pay a fee for extra usage beyond what was offered for the competition.

There were a total of 124 entries to this challenge. Many classes were offered as well. Weigh in was every Friday, and the amount of weight lost was percentage based to determine who was the biggest winner er biggest loser.

Everyone was smiling and for good reason. The competitors had been told at the beginning that cash prizes were at stake to add a little something sweet to the competition. Checks were handed out and the smiles got bigger.

Cash prizes went to the top three individuals. Champion Leslie Bosch was awarded a whopping $400, second went to Donna Prather who received $300, third went to Brooks Walters who was awarded $200.

The first place team was Family Ties, Donna and Trent Prather. They lost a total of 18.41 percent. Second place team was Team Repeat, Leslie Bosch and Nancy Ford, who lost a total of 18.24 percent. Third place team, Down Sizing Duo, lost 16.56 percent, fourth went to Team Determined, losing 14.26 percent. Fifth went to the team Downsizers, with a total of 12.30 percent.

When asked for the total number of pounds lost per person they said they were fine giving that number, however everyone said with a hearty laugh “Just don’t ask us what we started at!” Donna lost 44.2 pounds, Trent lost 41.3 pounds, Brooks lost 78.7 pounds, Nancy lost 27.1 pounds, and Leslie lost a total of 33.4 pounds.

When asked if they had plans for the money, surprisingly they had not really thought about it, but were quick to come up with an answer. Brooks said he would spend his winnings on some new golf clubs, Donna promised she would split her money with her son Trent. Donna had no plans yet, but Trent sure did.

“I am going to get a new cell phone and lots of Dairy Queen to treat myself after this,” he said.

Nancy received $50 off her membership, and Leslie had no plans for her big take other than maybe buying a plane ticket in the future.

When asked if there was ever a time where they felt like they wanted to give up, and how they dealt with that. A big resounding “YES! Almost everyday, but keeping each other motivated helped, and keeping up the competitive spirit helped them get through the workouts.”

Everyone said they are looking forward to keeping their fitness regimen going, and they look forward to getting back to activities they enjoyed. Brooks mentioned that he was happy he lost so much, but the biggest reward was seeing his weight loss partner and wife succeed, and seeing her level of happiness go through the roof. There will be a follow up later this year called “Summer Meltdown” to see how each competitor has done with sticking to their regimen.