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Road project may need Corps of Engineers’ OK

By Staff | Apr 13, 2011

For about a week or so last year, Bill Ellis had to drive across a field to get to town. It’s not that Bill enjoys driving across fields for any particular reason.

But that’s what you have to do when your road is under two feet of water.

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday wrangled with what to do with 420th Avenue south of Burr Oak Road.

Supervisor Ron Smith asked Dan Burton, Ron Beaver and Rich Blinkmann from the engineer’s office about the road which is the only access to the Ellis residence.

Beaver estimated it would take six or seven workers two weeks to build up the road, a time period that made Smith question whether it would be better for the county to contract the project out. He suggested the county ask local contractors for bids.

In any case, Beaver said the county would have to go through the Corps of Engineers since the road is in a flood plain.

Blinkmann said he would like to build up the road three and a half feet.

Burton said after Tuesday’s board meeting that whenever public waters are potentially impacted the Corps of Engineers gets involved. He said a silt fence would have to be erected during construction and remain until grass is established to prevent silt runoff.

Burton said the road is now 22 feet wide and that Blinkmann had suggested building it up three and a half or four feet.

Burton said last fall’s 14.24 crest was two feet over the road.

In other business at Tuesday’s board meeting, Burton, Beaver and Blinkmann presented the road report. Crews have been blading and graveling roads and they spent two and a half days removing snow fence. Blinkmann noted some muddy spots. Staking has started on the two-mile Ringsted blacktop project with milling to start in early May.

Auditor Michele Erickson asked and received permission to replace Barb Bohm, full-time auditor’s assistant. Bohm will start her new duties as Emmet County assessor May 2.

The board approved a liquor license and outside service area for Riverview Golf Course.

The board also toured Daybreak Foods, Inc. at 11 a.m.