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Beware phone scam

By Staff | Apr 16, 2011

Evidently some unscrupulous people will do anything for a buck-even by asking for donations in the name of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

According to an email from Jerry Black, Acting Adjutant VFW Department, he has received phone calls about individuals calling people and asking for donations for the VFW Department of Iowa.

“They actually go so far as to send a thank you letter after they have taken your money listing all the wonderful things you help support and sign Commander Darrell Blasberg’s name to it,” stated Black. “I have not been able to obtain an address where the money is to be sent because the individuals I spoke to no longer have that info and realized, too late I might add, that this might be a scam. I have spoken to the Commander and, as I thought, there is no such fundraising going on.”

Black advises that the VFW does not solicit funds over the phone.

“We do have great fundraisers but never over the phone,” he stated.