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Full moon brings babies quickly

By Staff | Apr 22, 2011

Brylinn Isabel Porter joins Mom Kristin and big sister Ellyana, 2 1/2. Brylinn decided to enter the world Tuesday a little more quickly than people expected. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

When Kristin Porter of Estherville arrived 15 minutes late for her prenatal appointment Tuesday, she had a real good excuse.

She had her baby with her.

It was all an adventure that really started the day before. Kristin had gone to the hospital at Spirit Lake with contractions. The hospital sent her home at 10 p.m. Monday since her contractions were fairly far apart.

Well, Tuesday rolled around, and Kristin went into the bathroom at home where Brylinn Isabel Porter was born at about 9:15 a.m. Tuesday. “I had her in about 15 minutes,” Kristin said.

After the police and ambulance crew arrived, Kristin and Brylinn were taken to Avera Holy Family where Dr. Jim Creech was on call, making them the first mom and baby at the hospital since Avera suspended deliveries a couple years ago. They’re scheduled to start again this year – Kristin and Brylinn came just a little early, though. “They were all having fun with her because they hadn’t had a baby in so long,” Kristin said.

Local first responders take Kristin Porter to Avera Holy Family as her baby was born at home Tuesday. Photo submitted

Kristin and Brylinn were stabilized and transferred to Spirit Lake where her OB doctor is, and when they arrived in the parking lot at 11 a.m. Tuesday, another woman was having a baby in the parking lot.

By Wednesday, both Kristin and Brylinn were back home in Estherville.

So how are they doing?

“She’s healthy. Both of us are,” Kristin said.

Brylinn, 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and 19 inches, joins Ellyana, 2 1/2, at home.

Kristin said Ellyana is going to be a lot of help since she’s just a natural helper anyway.

Kristin is on leave from her job at Verizon and has a year left on her marketing degree.