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Energizers give boost to local troops

By Staff | May 4, 2011

Riley Theesfeld and Noah Twohig write to their National Guard Pen Pals during their time in the after-school program—the Energizers—on Monday at the Regional Wellness Center. EDN photo by David Swartz

While Osama bin Laden is no longer a threat, troops from the Estherville Battery A 1-194 Field Artillery unit remain in Afghanistan doing their duty.

Helping remind the troops about what they’re protecting at home, the ELC Energizers, a group of students who meet at the Regional Wellness Center, have been pen pals with the soldiers during this school year.

On Monday and with the school year coming to a close, the Energizers were busy writing their final letter to the troops.

The students introduced themselves to the troops in their opening letter in the fall. Letters were also sent out before Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

The youth shared what they’ve learned about their pen pals.

Maggie Nitchals and Brianna Birkland write to local troops overseas. EDN photo by David Swartz

Riley Theesfeld is corresponding with Brian.

“I received two scarves from him. He said he wanted to take me out for pizza when he got home,” said Theesfeld. “He also said he may let me hang out with his kids.”

Erika Olson said her pen pal likes writing to her.

“He has four kids,” she said. “It made him happy to get my letters.”

Devin Myers knows his pen pal personally-Dave Jones of Estherville.

“He sent me a patch he wore,” said Myers. “He enjoys the letters and they mean a lot to him.”

Cody Davis said some advice he got from his pen pal was to listen to his teachers and his parents. Davis is also related to his pen pal.

“When my mom and stepdad got married, he (Steve Kulow) became my uncle,” Davis said.

Sydney Swanson said her pen pal is Corey Fisher and she can’t wait for him to get back in town. Sydney has a second pen pal, Kyle, who said he’s happy writing to her because he has a lot of hard work to do

“He said he’d like to meet me,” said Swanson.

Bryelle Curry also has multiple pen pals. “

Both told me about what they did and they liked getting cards,” Curry said. “They miss their families.”

Kirsten Natterstad said her pen pal Daniel also appreciates the letters he gets and has told her what he does while overseas.

Ieshia Klein, Andrea Diaz and Maggi Nitchals told what they’ve learned from being pen pals.

“They have to be over there a long time and be away from their families,” said Klein.

“They’re giving us our freedom,” said Diaz.

“They’re trying to keep us safe,” said Nitchals.