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Creativity rules the halls

By Staff | May 5, 2011

This haunting watercolor is titled Dexter and was created by artist Raeanna Muller.

Impressive. That was the word to describe the Estherville Lincoln Central High School’s student art show.

There were so many captivating works of art. Most of the gym was filled with easels, holding the works so proudly. The difference in mediums was wonderful as well. Paint, pastel, charcoal, pencil, clay, wax batik, you name it and it was probably in the gym. There was definitely something there for everyone to enjoy.

Raeanna Muller was kind enough to show off her artwork and answer some questions about them. She was a bit flattered at being asked, but quickly warmed up.

Raeanna declared that her favorite medium to work with is pastels, because they are easy to work with. She admitted that she struggles with oil paint as a medium. She has always been ‘drawn’ to art, and has been in all art classes throughout her four years at the high school.

She showed off her favorite piece of work so far, a striking watercolor titled Dexter. “This is Dexter, from one of my favorite shows,” she exclaimed with a smile.

Above is one of Raeanna Muller’s pastels titled Smiling Dog.

When asked if she would ever sell it, she paused and said, “Probably not, I love it so much, but maybe if the price was right.” Someone offered her a respectable sum of $100; she politely declined, but promised to mull it over.

“My favorite artist is Andy Warhol, I think his work is amazing,” she said.

Raeanna claims she enjoys art as a hobby, but it is clear that she has the talent to take it further. When asked if she would continue her career in an art field, she replied, “I would like to keep it more as a hobby, to keep the pressure off, but maybe I will become an art teacher so that I could do it everyday.”

She explains that she wants the viewer to enjoy the work. She also said she enjoys knowing that her artwork is appreciated, and wishes that the viewer feel an emotion. As she was answering questions, two younger boys walked by and exclaimed with a giggle “Look at that smiling dog! Awesome!” Seems like she already got her wish.

These oil paintings are a series, titled Dandelion part1-4, created by artist Kayla Bortvit. They were on display along with other works of art by ELC High School students during the art show Wednesday. EDN photo by Moriah Hawn