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A mural for the community depicts town’s essence

By Staff | May 12, 2011

A large mural that captures some of the essence of Estherville was hung on the side of Citizens Community Credit Union earlier this week. It can be viewed as you head west on Highway 9, a couple blocks after the railroad tracks.

It consists of three large panels, acrylic paint, and many brush strokes. The art department of Iowa Lakes Community College was asked to design, and create this wonderful work of art. Current students and Iowa Lakes Alumni members all donated their time and talent to help make this mural come to life.

The inspiration for this mural was after Citizens heard about a facade grant. A main point for the grant was to bring more attention to the building, by utilizing the community’s talents and resources. After the design was given the green light, students gathered with paintbrushes in hand ready to work.

“At Citizens, we say ‘community’ is our middle name,” said Crystal Pluth, vice president, branch operation at citizens. “Our goal was to have the mural depict distinguished characteristics of the community that we so proudly serve.

“We chose Iowa Lakes as a source for artistic talents, because we wanted the work to reflect the citizens of the Estherville area.,” Pluth said.

As a token of the credit union’s appreciation for the fine work, a donation is going to be made to the fine arts scholarship fund.

So the next time you are close by, stop for a moment to take a closer look at all those brush strokes.