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Awards, awards, awards and money

By Staff | May 12, 2011

Iowa Lakes Community College had several awards to give out including one for each of these seniors at the Estherville Lincoln Central Awards Day on Wednesday. EDN photo by David Swartz

Dozens of scholarships and awards were handed out at the Estherville Lincoln Central Senior Awards Day on Wednesday.

Whether it was Iowa Lakes Community College (above) presenting its numerous awards to students planning to attend the school, or one of the many community organizations like the Estherville WA TAN YE lending students a helping hand with scholarship, many seniors saw the fruits of the labors pay off.

The ELC faculty, below, had their own awards to present, honoring students who did the best in various areas of studies.

For a complete list of award winners from Wednesday and from Tuesday’s Fine Arts Awards Night, turn to Page 10 of today’s Daily News.