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Attitude is everything

By Staff | May 20, 2011

Juniors who qualified for Purple Cord honors were honored at Thursday’s Rotary meeting. From left are Lorissa Baker, Emily Chrestiansen, Gabe Bonner, Paige Hoffmeyer, Alyssa Johnson, Kelly Zebedee, Cole Mace and Ashton Reisner. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

“Opportunity isnowhere.”

What did that say?

If you said, “opportunity is nowhere”, well, then, maybe you’re seeing the glass half empty.

If you said, “opportunity is now here,” then you’re seeing it half full.

In congratulating junior Purple Cord winners at Thursday’s Estherville Rotary Service Above Self Awards at the Estherville VFW, guest speaker Norma Beaver offered a number of stirring quotations from great thinkers and challenged ELC juniors to view life as filled with opportunities.

“It’s all in the eyes of the beholder,” Beaver said, telling the students that she hoped they would continue to volunteer throughout their lives.

“Don’t lose sight for the need of your volunteering,” Beaver said. “You have a choice. And that’s very important in our life, to have a choice.”

Paige Hoffmeyer received special recognition with 240 hours donated.

Also recognized were Ashton Reisner with 210 hours, Gabe Bonner 202.75 hours, Emily Chrestiansen 193.50 hours, Cole Mace 185.50 hours, Lorissa Baker 147.50 hours, Megan Karels 141.50 hours, Alyssa Johnson 126 hours and Kelly Zebedee 124.50 hours.