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Armstrong holds hearing on dog ordinance

By Staff | Dec 6, 2011

ARMSTRONG – For the second time in about a year, the Armstrong City Council Monday night held a hearing after a resident protested the city’s vicious dog ordinance.

Amber Baas objected to being ordered by police chief Craig Merrill to get rid of what Merrill claims is a pit bull within three days. Baas said the dog is a mixed breed and gentle.

“The rules are the rules,” said Mayor Marv Dailey.

Haas said she was willing to have the dog genetically swabbed to determine its breed.

However, councilman Dave Grussing noted the ordinance addresses several breeds, and Baas could have the dog DNA tested to determine whether it was one of the banned breeds.

“I don’t think I should have to be responsible for $140 for a DNA test,” said Baas.

“But you are,” said Dailey.

Grussing noted the test could actually be as little at $50.

In other business Monday, the council noted no bids for a property at 802 First Ave.

The council approved renewal of a liquor license for Dales Recreation.

The council approved appointment of Kris Odegaard to the Community Center Board.

Vickie Rooney of the ABC Club appeared before the board regarding a veterans memorial for the city park. Rooney said plans are to have the memorial ready by Memorial Day.