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Sundall gives an ‘a-lure-ing’ presentation

By Staff | Jun 19, 2012

If you don’t know Larry Sundall, you’ve probably seen him driving around Estherville.

His license plate says ‘oldlures’.

Old fishing lures, that is.

Sundall, who has a fishing lure collection that would rival those of most conventions, told Estherville Good Samaritan Society residents Monday night about his lure collection, how he came by it and why it fascinates him so much.

Sundall started his collection in a roundabout way of sorts. After having heart bypass surgery, his doctor suggested a stress reliever.

And what could be less stressful than fishing, thought Sundall. Well . . . maybe collecting fishing lures.

“It’s a great hobby,” admitted Sundall, who’s traveled all over the country collecting lures.

You could say it’s a ‘reel’ hobby for him too. Sundall showed residents an 1880s fishing reel. Jewelers made all the good early reels, Sundall said.

Traditionally, the major lure manufacturers were in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio – until World War II, anyway. Then, as auto manufacturers turned toward making tanks and bombers, lure manufacturers made survival kits.

“Berkley’s is a very big player,” said Sundall, making it the largest modern manufacturer.