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Lighting up the night

By Staff | Dec 20, 2013

The Jack and Anne Vedder home at 326 N. 16th St. has a virtual concert of Christmas lights playing along with Christmas music that passersby can hear by tuning in to 107.1 FM as they pass the Vedder home. Photo by Michael Tidemann

This time of year – and every year – a steady stream of traffic slows, and often stops, in front of the Jack and Anne Vedder residence at 326 N. 16th St.

A plethora of Christmas lights – replete with several tiny reindeer – adorn the Vedder yard. And if you tune your radio to 107.1 FM, you’ll hear Christmas music that’s synchronized with the lights.

And it’s all the brainchild of Jack – with maybe more than a little encouragement from Anne.

Jack’s been doing the over-the-rooftop Christmas decorating since 2002.

“It grew,” explained Anne.

Ever hear the saying, build it and they will come? Well, light it and they will too.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me it’s sort of their family tradition,” said Anne.

Jack added the music four years ago.

“It’s just a store-bought system with light,” said Jack, who estimates 80 percent of the lights are now LED – something that’s helped cut the previous electric bill by $30.

Oh, and those reindeer who are constantly leaning over to graze?”

“They’re store-bought too,” said Jack.

Jack layers lights to form the garland, making more of a creative effect.

“We’ve alway done lights. Halloween’s gotten a little bit bigger,” said Jack.

So how much work is it?

Well, Jack said it takes up to four days. Daughter Vanessa has helped, too.