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No concerns yet on two-year senior license renewal

By Staff | Jan 10, 2014

There appear to be no immediate concerns – for the moment at least – regarding a new law that went into effect Jan. 1 limiting to two years the renewal period for driver’s licenses for persons 72 and over.

Under the new legislation, a licensed issued to a driver younger than 72 can’t exceed that persons’ 74th birthday. After 72, licenses shift to two-year renewal periods.

“I haven’t heard any concerns or complaints about it,” said Mick Tagesen, executive director of Elderbridge Agency on Aging of Mason City, the regional agency representing senior interests in Emmet and another 28 other counties in northwest and north-central Iowa.

Tagesen also noted that the agency had elderly rights persons to represent seniors’ interests.

Tagesen said the more pressing current concerns for seniors were nutrition and increases in costs and decreases in funds for seniors.

Regarding transportation, said Tagesen, “any senior is impacted once you affect that.”

At the opposite end of the age spectrum, another new law taking effect Jan. 1 requires drivers 14-16 to have twice the time behind the wheel with an experienced driver when issued instructional permits. New drivers’ instruction time must also take place during all driving conditions and seasons.

During the first six months after getting an intermediate license, young drivers will be limited to one unrelated minor passenger with an unsupervised driver. Young drivers with a minor school license will also be limited to one unrelated minor passenger when driving without adult supervision.