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Ringsted School demolished

By Staff | Jan 10, 2014

The gym portion of the former Ringsted School remains after the school was demolished over the past several weeks. Photo by Michael Tidemann

RINGSTED – The former Ringsted Elementary School on the east side of town is no more after it was demolished over the last few weeks. However, the gym remains, pending a use being found for the structure.

Mike Sjoblom, who bought the property from Armstrong-Ringsted School District after the district searched for an extensive time for a buyer, said he hopes to either use the building as a shop or to find a buyer.

“We’re going to see if we can repurpose that,” Sjoblom said of the gym, adding that demolition would resume on the school this spring. That portion of the building has been taken down to the slab.

“We didn’t want to let the ravages of time make it any worse,” Sjoblom said of the school. “We just couldn’t find an end user. It almost hurts people worse to see a school go down by decay than by the wrecking ball.”

Both the Ringsted City Council and the Armstrong-Ringsted Board of Education in the past stressed they did not want to see the property fall into decay and become an eyesore.

At this point, the gym does not have heat, said Sjoblom. He said the east portion of the gym used to be a school shop before it was converted into classrooms.

Sjoblom said the former bus barn had been sold for machine storage.