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ELC?District, ELCEA exchange proposals

By Staff | Jan 24, 2014

The Estherville Lincoln Central Board of Education and Estherville Lincoln Central Education Association exchanged initial proposals Monday night at the ELC High School library.

The Association is proposing an increase in the base from $29,290 to $31,860. Other proposed changes are:

n All full-time employees would have a daily duty-free lunch period of at least 25 minutes on each full school day.

n Unused personal leave would be paid out yearly at the substitute teacher per diem rate. Teachers are currently paid out at $75 per day.

n Developing a new supplemental schedule that is a percentage of the base salary.

The district’s initial offer is for zero increase on the base with the following benefits proposed:

n Vertical step movement.

n Mandatory IPERS increase costs.

n FICA increase.

n Long-term disability increase.

n Since insurance cost increases for the 2014-15 year are not known, they have not been included in the total package increase.

Other changes proposed by the district are dividing TSS funds to staff equally by full-time equivalent with the district retaining 5 percent of TSS funds for staff moving on the scale and hired mid-year. When teachers perform board-requested curriculum work outside regular contract time, they would be paid $21.25 per hour, with curriculum leaders paid $23.50 per hour. Summer school teachers would be paid $20 per hour.

Under insurance, the district is proposing changing family contribution from 65/35 to 50/50 for employees hired after July 1, 2014. The district’s share of single coverage would be changed from full to 75/25 for anyone hired with a contract beginning after July 1, 2013 for employees hired after July 1, 2014. Health insurance coverage would be comparable to that provided by the district during the 2013-14 contract year. The district would work with the association when changing health insurance carriers.

The district is also proposing that two days of personal leave would be granted each year with the prior approval of the superintendent or his/her designee. Unused personal leave would be paid out at the yearly rate of $75 a day or a maximum of $150 a year.

In the area of staff reduction, the district is proposing that if reduction is necessary, the board would consider seniority, skill, competence, qualifications and ability when determining what employees would be subject to reduction, with a greater consideration given to seniority than any of the other single criteria.

In presenting the association’s proposal, Chuck

Fandel said a solid contract enhances education. He said the association’s proposal would represent a 7.72 percent increase on the base, including the supplementary schedule. He said the proposal did not take insurance into account. He further underscored that ELC coaches are now getting what Lakes Conference coaches on average received in 2000.

Presenting the district’s proposal telephonically was Holly Griener of Lynch-Dallas of Cedar Rapids.

The total percentage increase in the district’s offer will be known sometime after it learns at the end of February the increase in employee health insurance.