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Sups grant tax abatement

By Staff | Feb 14, 2014

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday granted a $448 tax abatement to Green Acres mobile home park on taxes assessed on an abandoned manufactured home.

Monte Burrell appeared before the board with the request, saying no one had lived in or paid taxes on the home for four years. He said he wanted to demolish the structure and haul it to the regional landfill. Treasurer Vickie Jurrens said she tried collecting taxes a number of times with the home’s previous owner who had abandoned the property.

The board approved abating the taxes. They also heard the road report from Roger Patocka, county engineer, who said crews had been plowing and sanding, blading before the recent snows, insulating the cold storage shed and clearing trees at the Riverview bridge slated for replacement this spring.

The board approved a $495 payment for repair of an Emmet-Dickinson-Clay tile line.

The board also approved appointment of Jeff Speltz to the Armstrong Benefited Fire Department.