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And all that mush

By Staff | Feb 28, 2014

Steve Danielson shows a dog sled he made. Photo by Michael Tidemann

Keisha, a three-year-old husky owned by Steve Danielson of Estherville, got a lot of attention at the Estherville Public Library community room Thursday.

Keisha – and sled dogs in general – were the topic of a presentation by Danielson and Lois Fraser, another husky owner.

“Huskies are extremely strong for their size,” said Danielson, adding that the dogs love to run so much that sometimes they’ll even run themselves to death.

“Huskies are probably the closest dog to a wild animal that there is,” said Danielson. “They are very skillful hunters.”

Danielson noted some differences between huskies and wolves. Huskies have blue eyes – which help them deal with the glare from the snow – and their tails are kinked while a wolf’s tail is turned down.

Most huskies are 50-70 pounds while malamutes are 100-110, Danielson said, adding that the two breeds don’t always get along well.

Fraser said malamutes are more often work dogs.

If you don’t mind a dog with an attitude, then a husky might be just for you.

“They’re pretty strong and they’re set in their way,” said Danielson. “They also have a tendency to be fairly active. They will sing. They will howl at the moon.”

Danielson also said female huskies tend to be smarter than male.

Frasier said huskies can run seven to eight miles an hour and can go as fast as 12-13.

“They will absolutely run until their heart explodes. They love running that much,” Danielson said.