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Opera Iowa coming March 14

By Staff | Feb 28, 2014

It’s just a couple weeks away, so mark your calendars for a free performance of Opera Iowa’s Three Little Pigs and The Elixer of Love, both Friday, March 14 at Roosevelt Auditorium.

Sponsored by the Excel Estherville Arts & Culture Committee, Opera Iowa will conduct a workshop starting at 12:45 p.m. with a performance of Three Little Pigs at 2 p.m. ELC grade-school students will learn a song that they’ll sing along with during the performance.

The Elixer of Love will be at 7 p.m., also at Roosevelt.

Following is a synopsis provided by Opera Iowa.

Act I: Nemorino, a peasant lad, is in love with Adina. She, however, is bored with country boys and country life so during the noonday siesta she passes the time reading a love story. She reads the fate of the hard-hearted Isolde and the handsome Tristan who yearned for her. To gain Isolde’s affection, Tristan went to a wise magician who provided him with a certain “elixer of Love” which caused Isolde to shun him no longer. Adina laughs at such a silly idea.

When Sergeant Belcore arrives in the village and makes eyes at Adina she enjoys the diversion. Shortly afterwards, he proposed marriage. Amused by this, Adina does not reject him. The despairing Nemorino, learning of the proposal, seeks to talk with Adina but his constant laments bore her.

A quack doctor, Dulcamara, comes into the village to promote and sell his ointments and tinctures. Nemorino remembers the story of Tristan and Isolde and he asks Dulcamara about the magic love potion. Dulcamara sells Nemorino his best “elixer” – a potent flask of wine. Nemorino immediately feels the effects of the elixer, his melancholy vanishes and he is confident of victory!

Adina sees the confident change in Nemorino’s behavior. He now feigns indifference and waits patiently for the “elixer” will change everything within the next six days before the wedding. Belcore receives surprise orders to march immediately and insists that Adina marry him at once. Adina agrees, which sends Nemorino back into depression.

Act II: Nemorino implores Dulcamara to sell him another flask of the potion but the doctor refuses because Nemorino does not have any money. The only way Nemorino knows to get money is to enlist in Belcores’s army and receive the enlistment bounty of 20 scudi, which he gives to Dulcamara. The peasant girl Giannetta spreads the report that Nemorino’s uncle has died and left him a rich inheritance. She throws herself at Nemorino, who feels that the potion has had immediate effect. Adina looks on with astonishment, displeasure and a touch of jealousy. Dulcamara explains the case to her and tries to sell her a flask, too. She now knows that Nemorino enlisted in the army for her sake, which makes her all the more drawn to him.

She buys Nemorino out of the army and admits her affection for him. Belcore agrees to be parted from Adina and she now marries Nemorino. Dulcamara claims that Nemorino has become a rich man whose good fortune is due to the “love potion”!