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Surviving Winter Survival Day

By Staff | Feb 28, 2014

Above:?Chloe Bauler and Macy Jennings peeled bark from a dead log for use in their shelter.

WALLINGFORD – With temperatures hovering around 20 and the sun full, it was a perfect day Saturday for Winter Survival Day at the Emmet County Nature Center.

Emmet County Conservation Board director Eric Anderson and naturalist Jenna Pollock guided about a dozen area youth through some of the steps they might need to take if they should become stranded in the wilderness. And it’s possible. A vehicle breakdown. Getting lost while hunting. Getting stranded in a blizzard. Those are but a few scenarios that someone could face in nature.

After getting a briefing, the kids gathered branches and bark to build shelters, had a break when they roasted hot dogs over a campfire then used steel wool and a nine-volt battery to make a fire.

There were definitely some lessons learned in the half-day session – hopefully, lessons they’ll never have to use.