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Bids not required for interim county engineer

By Staff | Apr 15, 2014

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday learned that competitive bids are not required for the county to hire an interim engineer.

Board chair Alan Madden told the supervisors he had consulted with Nicole Fox, secondary roads engineer with the Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Local Systems. He said Fox told him she was not aware of any legal requirements for competitive bidding of job postings for the interim county engineer position. Fox said she could also help with advertising for the full-time engineer position by securing a list of possible candidates.

The board hired Scott Brunsvold of Jacobson-Westergard & Associates as interim engineer at $105 an hour at its Tuesday, April 8 meeting.

At that same meeting, county attorney Doug Hansen offered concerns about the board entering into a contract without asking his advice.

The board placed former county engineer Roger Patocka on paid administrative leave Jan. 28 and on Feb. 25 accepted his resignation. According to the county’s release agreement with Patocka, the county will continue to pay his salary through June 30.

Iowa Code Section 26.4 states that architectural, landscape architectural, or engineering design services procured for a public improvement are not subject to competitive quotes or bidding requirements.