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Sudbeck murder case progresses

By Staff | Apr 24, 2014

It probably won’t be until sometime this fall when Scott Sudbeck of Estherville will face trial on first-degree murder charges for the death of Michaela Lynne Jordan of Estherville.

Sudbeck, who is charged with the Feb. 26 murder of Jordan, has waived the right to a speedy trail. Otherwise, the state would have to bring the case to trail within 90 days.

After the Emmet County county attorney’s office April 9 filed a trial information – the equivalent of an indictment – in the case, a written arraignment and plea of not guilty was filed Monday.

According to county attorney Doug Hansen, after a pretrial conference a trial date will be set – probably for sometime this fall.

Hansen said he will be working closely with Andrew Prosser who has been assigned from the Iowa attorney general’s office to the case.

Sudbeck is represented by Gregory Jones from the Sioux City public defender’s office.

Sudbeck faces separate charges for third-degree sexual abuse.