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Ernst sweeps Emmet County, Iowa

By Staff | Jun 6, 2014

And who said a lady couldn’t put up a good fight.

Joni Ernst, one of five Republicans running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Tom Harkin, commanded 48.41 percent of the vote in Emmet County – 53 percent statewide – to score a clear win over four fellow Republican Senate candidates in Tuesday’s Iowa primary. County vote tallies for the other Republican candidates were Mark Jacobs, 84 votes, for 24.35 percent; Sam Clovis, 76 votes for 22.03 percent; Matt Whitaker with 12 votes for 3.48 percent; and Scott Schaben with six votes for 1.74 percent.

Unchallenged Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley had 176 percent with no write-ins.

All candidates for Emmet County Board of Supervisors met the threshold of a minimum of 17.5 percent of total votes cast for supervisor, advancing them to the general election. They include incumbent Democrat Ron Smith with 175 votes for 49.02 percent; Democrat and former Dist. 7 Rep. John Wittneben with 168 votes for 47.06 percent; incumbent Republican Jon Martyr with 271 votes for 57.66 percent; and Republican Melanie Summers Bauler with 193 votes for 41.06 percent. There was a scattering of write-in votes for supervisor for both parties – 14 for the Democrats and six for the Republicans. Ron Beaver will also run as an independent in this fall’s Emmet County supervisor race.

While there are more Democratic registered voters in the county than Republican – 2,183 Democrats and 1,765 Republican – a relatively heavy Republican turnout of 20.79 percent compared to 12.05 percent for the Democrats meant 367 Emmet County Republicans cast ballots compared to 263 Democrats. Due to the number of persons registered as “no party” and inactive voters, total turnout of registered voters was 8.59 percent.

The other seats went basically unchallenged in the county. There was a scattering of 16 write-in Democratic votes for county recorder.

In the governor’s Republican primary race, incumbent Terry Branstad commanded 86.44 percent of Emmet County voters while Tom Helfling garnered 13.28 percent. Democratic Jack Hatch won easily in the primary, with 172 votes and one write-in.

There were also nine Republican write-in votes for county attorney.

Other GOP vote totals in Emmet County are as follows:

For U.S. Representative District 4, Steve King received 312 votes.

For Secretary of State, Paul D. Pate received 263 votes

For State Auditor, Mary Mosiman received 258 votes.

For Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey received 300 votes.

For State Representative for District 7, Tedd Gassman received 302 votes.

For county recorder, Dianne Quastad Minion received 295 votes.

On the Democratic side, county results were as follows.

Bruce Braley received 176 votes for U.S. Senator.

Jim Mowrer received 167 votes for U.S. Representative for District 4.

Brad Anderson received 167 votes for Secretary of State

Jonathan Neiderbach received 163 votes for State Auditor.

Michael L. Fitzgerald received 181 votes for State Treasurer.

Sherrie Taha received 157 votes for Secretary of Agriculture.

Tom Miller received 185 votes for Attorney General.

For county treasurer, Vickie K. Jurrens received 209 votes.

For county attorney Douglas R. Hansen received 185 votes.