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Never alone

By Staff | Sep 4, 2016

“All he ever did was try to save my life,”?Chris McArdle said of Roger?Jacobson, owner of KILR?Radio, about the years McArdle spent working as a sports announcer while struggling with alcohol addiction.

“He was like a father to me,”?McArdle said.

McArdle is the guest speaker at First Christian Church, 205 N. Seventh St., from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Sunday. McArdle will share his story of redemption.

After his time at the radio station, McArdle moved to Minnesota to continue his education and eventually find a new path in life.

McArdle says “life has taken on new meaning.”?Friends from Estherville will be traveling to Minnesota in January to celebrate McArdles marriage to Christine Hayward.

“I’m so honored,”?McArdle said. “I’m so blessed to be able to tell my story.”?

When McArdle got out of treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford Clinic in Center City, Minn., he said, “it was so hard to ask for help. I?was scared that I would face condemnation, of people saying ‘what’s wrong with you; why can’t you just quit?'”

McArdle said, “When I finally reached out to people, those who were Christians, I?found they reached back. I learned I didn’t need to live in fear.”

This, McArdle said, is the message he wants to deliver to the hearts of people who are in pain.

McArdle’s Absolutely No Condemnation ministry is “a simple ministry,”?he said. McArdle raises money to buy materials which he sends at no cost to people in need who request them.

Each “Grace?Gift”?includes a bible, a notebook, a Christian daily devotional book, a pen, a highlighter, and candy, “with no strings attached,”?McArdle said.

“I don’t care if the person is dying to dig into the Word, or if they’re actually not ready yet but want to have it there, I try to help and this is a tangible way to say, ‘the hand of Christ will never turn you away,'”?McArdle said.

The materials came to McArdle at a time when he says, “I?wasn’t ready to be well.”

In addition to the materials, McArdle has built a speaking ministry. Those attending Sunday can expect, “to hear the story and Word of God, and what real hope sounds like,”?McArdle said. “I’m here to help anyone.”?

McArdle said people who want his assistance, to know Christ better and to seek help for addiction, may call him at 763-300-1888, and he will return the call on his breaks or after hours from his job as an addiction specialist at Hazelden Betty Ford, the very place that helped free McArdle from alcohol.

“I want people to be encouraged, and I?feel blessed to share the story of grace with anyone. I have a message of hope rooted in Christ,”?McArdle said.