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ELC administrators report good start to school year

By Staff | Sep 21, 2016

Despite the hassles with the construction of the Demoney Elementary addition, Estherville Lincoln Central administrators are reporting a smooth start to the school year.

In his report to the school board at its meeting Monday, ELC Elementary Principal Shane Kalous said prior to the school year, he was concerned about combining the elementary staffs from the Roosevelt and Demoney schools under one roof.

“The two staffs are bonding well and everything has been outstanding,” Kalous reported. “This year, I was able to visit every classroom within 45 minutes. It’s nice with everyone under one lid.”

Kalous also talked about the addition.

“The ‘new’ Demoney has been met with a lot of very positive feedback,” he stated in his written report. “A lot of parents cannot believe how big the building feels. There have been many positive comments on how well the project turned out. People have also stated that they feel every grade level and department gained something.

“The students seem to love the gym and the new lunchroom the most, although jumping from colored tile to colored tile is a close second for many of our students,” Kalous continued. “The Roosevelt teachers are enjoying the air conditioning and single level building.

ELC Middle School Principal David McCauley echoed Kalous’ comments about the start of the year.

“I would like to recognize the efforts of Brad Leonard, ELC maintenance and summer help, all the ELC Middle School Staff and students for a very good start to the year,” McCauley. “This is definitely one of the best starts to a new year that I have experienced in 33 years. There’s been a really good ‘feel’ in the middle school.”

ELC High School Principal Brad Leonard continued the theme.

“The school year is off to a great start,” he said. “Our freshman class made a very positive impression at orientation and have since been a great addition to the building and everyone seems to be making progress. Also, a big shout out to our new staff at the high school-they are adjusting and showing why we chose them to be part of our team.”

Looking ahead to homecoming, Leonard said school officials will again do all they can to discourage TP-ing during homecoming week with consequences for students who get caught.

“The students stepped up to the task last year and I am proud of them for that,” said Leonard. “The more we teach character and leadership, the more important it is to live those things on a daily level. The school is a symbol and if we are truly proud of our school and our community, we do not encourage the defacing of those things that represent us. We are hoping to once again make homecoming about the students and the community and not about the vandalism of school grounds.”

Concerning registration and scheduling, Leonard said many students are participating in post-secondary enrollment options with Iowa Lakes Community College.

“Even more exciting is the number of our students involved in Career Academy,” Leonard said. “Students are all over the map in terms of the programs they are participating in, but these programs lead directly to careers for our students.”