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County approves $15,000 for Ringsted project

By Staff | Oct 12, 2016

The Emmet County Supervisors approved Tuesday, the spending of $15,000 in Local Option?Sales Tax (LOST)?money to repair the Ringsted City Hall.

The approval came on a 4-1 vote.

“We’re still almost 50 percent absentee landowners out here who don’t farm,”?Supervisor Alan Madden said. “That’s bringing in pretty big numbers.”?

“I guess in conclusion for me, and I’m not against the City of Ringsted by any means, but I?think the City Hall is completely a City thing,”?Supervisor Jeff Quastad said. “I’ve struggled with this since I became a supervisor. It’s not black and white. I’m kind of against it, I guess.”

Ringsted Mayor Dan Jorgenson noted some of the uses of City Hall.

“People come in for Notary Services, it’s available for rental, and we have a display of Danish heritage items there. It’s not a big display, but it’s there. It’s not handicapped accessible, so there is a limit to what we can do in there.”?

Board of Supervisors Chair Tim Schumacher said, “We have a responsibility as a board to use this money wisely.”?

Madden said, “We need to remember this is why the citizens voted yes. If we’re going to hoard the money, we’re going to have a problem.”?

Madden said, “I’m a lot more in favor of giving this to Ringsted City Hall, rather than have someone we’ve never seen before, never heard of, request $100,000 for a new building, and will never see again after they’re done here. This is what this money is for, and if you start turning this down, you’re going to have issues even after I’m off the board.”

Madden said because he is from Ringsted, he was going to leave the matter to the rest of the board, but because he felt it was important he made the motion for approval.

Quastad made the dissenting vote.

Schumacher said, “That’s all right.?We’re not all going to agree on everything all the time. It’s fine if we disagree.”?