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Sen. Ernst talks to SERT students at Iowa Lakes

By Staff | Oct 19, 2016

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst visited students and answered press questions on her second 99-county tour of Iowa.

Ernst spoke with several students in the automation room of the Sustainable Energy Resource and Technology (SERT)?building at the college.

Ernst asked about the students’ goals and their field, and offered the help of her office after they began working.

“If there is something that comes up, reach out and let us know,” she said. “As you’re moving out into your programs, you’ll be leaders in a developing industry.”?

Ernst admitted, “Sometimes the federal government needs to just get out of the way in terms of regulations and bureaucracy. On the other side, if there is some area in which we need to step in, let us know.”?

Ernst offered encouragement to the students. “You’ll do well in a very young field, Ernst said.”?

Dan Lutat, Director of SERT, gave Ernst a tour of the 70-ton Nacelle in the center of the builidng. The Nacelle allows students to do high and low voltage testing, and teaches electrical safety.

Ernst said, “It’s very important to look at renewable energy for the U.S. as a way forward. It can’t be just solar, it can’t just be wind, it can’t just be natural earth energy through coal, but it has to all be nested together to power the nation.”?

Ernst said on her second tour of the state, she is becoming an educated member of congress.

“Every stop I make, I take away something valuable.”?

Ernst remarked on the Home Base Iowa program as a part of the success of renewable energy employment in the Lakes area.

“We want veterans to return to Iowa. And not just people from Iowa, but veterans from all across the nation,”?Ernst said. “Veterans bring an approach to challenges, an ability to collaborate, and a drive to get the job done which will drive the growth of this young industry [sustainable energy],”?Ernst said.