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ELC School Foundation impacts lives of all students

By Staff | Oct 23, 2016

ELC Foundation board members Lisa Dreeszen and Andrea Nelson said this year’s Champion in Education banquet was among the best ever.

“We had a very nice turnout for our benefit,”?Dreeszen said.

Longtime Estherville Lincoln Central teacher Margaret White had most of her family in attendance, including several grandchildren.

Dreeszen said, “We took in over $19,000, which will be put into our school immediately in the form of grants that were awarded that night.”?

The ELC?Foundation accepted 26 applications for Key Grants from educators at all grade levels in the school.

“This year, we are so pleased to give back nearly $25,500 to our educators, which will impact our students throughout this school year.”

Among the requests, Mrs. Denise Laaveg, elementary music teacher, followed up last year’s purchase of 13 guitars for lessons to all third grade students with a request for accessories to use in the lessons.

Dreeszen said, “We want our young people to have access to cutting edge technology, which will help the excellent staff at ELC?fulfill their educational goals.”?

ELC?Foundation?Board President Andrea Nelson said, “Ninety-six tickets were used, which was so great. The night was just a lot of fun.”

Dreeszen said, “It goes without saying how grateful we are to the Estherville community. So many individuals and businesses donated to our benefit in the form of sponsorships and auction and raffle items.”