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Inspection results in restrictions on four Emmet County bridges

By Staff | Nov 2, 2016

Tuesday’s meeting of the Emmet County Board of Supervisors included county engineer Walter Davis-Oeth’s report from the inspection of four county bridges.

Due to timber pile decay and moderate deck issues, Davis-Oeth said the engineering department will put up signage, requiring one truck at a time on the two bridges on M-52.

“I’m not really happy about that,”?Davis-Oeth said.

The bridges were built in 1970-1971.

“We have more issues with these bridges than with the ones built in the ’60s,”?Davis-Oeth said.

The short term solution is non-destructive testing to try to keep the bridges out of restrictions, Davis-Oeth said.

“Long-term, we are looking at rehab, but replacement or reconstruction will run $350,000-400,000, or possibly more, depending upon the size of each bridge,”?Davis-Oeth said.

One solution is rehab.

“My guess is the bridges would have 20 years of rehab life, and this would cost about 40 percent of the cost to replace,”?Davis-Oeth said.

The supervisors also approved the purchase of a new truck for the County Engineering department for Walter Davis-Oeth.

“This is already in your budget, right?”?Supervisor Tim Schumacher said.

With the quote from Motor Inn for a GMC half ton, crew cab for $35,027, the supervisors concurred with the necessary purchase.

“This will go down the line, correct?”?Supervisor Alan Madden asked.

The next time the engineers replaced the truck, this now-new truck would go perhaps to the foreman, and after that serve another purpose for the county until it had to be retired.

The supervisors also heard from Marvin Paulson, owner of a trailer park in Armstrong. Paulson requested tax abatement in the total amount of $1,364 for two trailers which were out of use for four and five years, and which have been destroyed.

The supervisors signed a substance abuse service agreement with Compass Point without discussion.

The supervisors entered into a closed session with Estherville City Administrator Penny Clayton, and Economic Development Director Lyle Hevern to discuss a real estate matter.

“We did not come to a decision or resolution,”?Supervisor Bev Juhl said. “We will report to the public at the time we do so.”?

The supervisors also heard a report from Donell Doering of Elderbridge Agency on Aging.

Doering said the Agency provided $178,794 in services to residents of Emmet County aged 60 and older last year, and based on 2010 U.S. Census figures, asks for $7,234.80 from the Supervisors, or $2.85 per senior, an increase of $0.05 per individual served. The Supervisors approved this allocation.

“The return on investment is $24.82 for each dollar spent,”?Doering said.

Nancy Danielson and Alan Blum of Blum Leonard Insurance provided a review of the county’s liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies.

The supervisors will not meet on Nov. 8 due to the election. The next meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be Nov. 15 at 9 a.m. in the Board Room of the Emmet County Courthouse.